Monday, 28 February 2011

Aren't clowns supposed to be funny?

I had the creepiest dream last night.
You know when you normally wake up and literally a minute later you really can't remember anything about the dream you've just had...kinda frustrating, but this time I remember it (don't quite know if that's a good thing).
I was in a forest with my friend (as you do), and we'd hear noises and then suddenly these people with creepy clown masks were chasing us, it was pretty disturbing.
ANYWAY, I thought I'd try and make an image of my dream before I forget:
(they weren't as well dressed though)
If this becomes a recurring nightmare, I'm pretty screwed.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Unrelated things.

Writing the word 'boredom' in a lecture really doesn't achieve anything.
Baking oat biscuits is ridiculously easy.
I like buying small bags from charity shops.
Can someone get me a panda to take a photo of me?

Friday, 25 February 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Back in the days...

I wish I lived in the fifties, but the whole 'you're going to be a housewife/mother forever' is a bit of a let down (no offence). Other than that, I love the way women used to dress. It was all about beautifully tailored dresses, enhancing the hourglass figure, and acting like a proper lady. I can't imagine any woman looking frumpy in the fifties, they always seemed so well dressed. 
These days it's all about short skirts, cleavage and how much attention you can get. Hopefully that's not what people will say when they look back at our generation, because then future parents would find themselves saying to their children,"why, back in my day....we would never...wait no...forget it, we were worse..".
I don't think the 50's would have coped with a Lady Gaga.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dalziel & 'Wow'

I have to admit, I've never really thought about how much work goes into retail design. I mean you go into shops next time you go shopping, seriously look around. Everything you see, someone somewhere has designed it, whether it's the sign to the changing rooms or a series of posters behind the tills. It was designed for a reason.
"If you were blindfolded and taken into the middle of a shop, and shown just the inside, would you know what shop you were in?"
When I went on a trip with my course to London, we were lucky enough to visit the offices of Dalziel & Pow and meet the man himself - David Dalziel! He's kinda scary, but in a successful, powerful boss sort of way.  
The company help create brands and branded environments. So basically shops like Topshop, Next, Primark....yep they helped design the interior. It was pretty amazing walking around the offices and seeing people working on new shop designs, colour schemes, photoshoots, on their fancy massive apple macs (of course). 
Anyway, here are some photos of Topshop, so you can get an idea of the stuff they do :)

They also did the Topshop store in New York!
The only sneaky photo I managed to get in the offices.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Visually Stunning.

I came across the works of Eugenio Recuenco, a Spanish photographer, and was actually blown away at how stunning his photos were. He uses classical paintings as his inspiration because the lighting is so simple "but perfect at the same time".
 There's something quite creepy, but equally beautiful about his work.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Move over Grandma

Charity shops. 
Love them, hate them, laugh at them, be a snob about them, but don't underestimate them.
Here are a few treasures I've found in charity shops:
 A nautical silk scarf, a cute navy bag & a little fabric frame decorated with hot air balloons.
Small navy bag, £5
I love the detail
Here is a similar scarf I found on Asos
(Chain & Equestrian Silk Look Square Scarf, £15)
I got mine for £2
A nautical cardigan I got for about....50p?
I felt the cardigan needed something, so I added this gold anchor broche.

I realise this post makes me look like I want to be a sailor, but I just love the colour scheme of navy, red, white and gold :)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Make me a sandwich (shop)

I took somes photos of my sketchbook for a project I did before Christmas, it's not perfect (but who is?).
Our brief was to design a Sandwich Shop....mmm...
I don't own fancy promarker pens, so I stick to good old fashioned watercolour.

Just experimenting with a rough concept. Could it be in the style of bar? Sauces like ketchup served in bottles upside down..

An interactive food counter, each section providing another stage in completing your sandwich.
Takeaway Area plastered with images of people doing daring things, as the shop wants to encourge people to experiment and takes risks when creating their unique sandwich. Standard Cheese sandwich? UH no thanks! Yes, these people are going to be living on the edge.
Photoshop version of the takeway area above.
(This man is reading my blog about me saying that this man is reading my blog about me saying that this man is...ah.)

I decided to call my Sandwich Shop 'DARE' :) 
Side effects of this blog may include sandwich cravings.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Keeping a secret.

We all have secrets. 
Normally it's the people who seem the happiest that hide the biggest ones. I guess that's why I love the idea of PostSecret by Frank Warren. The basic idea is that people can send their secrets anonymously through the form of a creative homemade postcard. The cards themselves have become pieces of art, and I think for some of these people it was literally the only way they could finally admit what they've been hiding.The secrets range from funny confessions to quite tragic sad stories. I own the book and it never gets boring to flick through.
Here are some examples of secrets people have posted.
If you want to read more secrets, click on this link to the PostSecret website, which I'm pretty sure updates every Sunday with new ones :)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Stupid illustrations

Today I was just in the mood for drawing really stupid things that don't even make sense...
Unless anyone's seen a guy with a dog nose, or a girl with half a skull for a face walking around?
No? Well here they are anyway :)
Be Yourself.
Male Dog.
Forever Grinning.