Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Back in the days...

I wish I lived in the fifties, but the whole 'you're going to be a housewife/mother forever' is a bit of a let down (no offence). Other than that, I love the way women used to dress. It was all about beautifully tailored dresses, enhancing the hourglass figure, and acting like a proper lady. I can't imagine any woman looking frumpy in the fifties, they always seemed so well dressed. 
These days it's all about short skirts, cleavage and how much attention you can get. Hopefully that's not what people will say when they look back at our generation, because then future parents would find themselves saying to their children,"why, back in my day....we would never...wait no...forget it, we were worse..".
I don't think the 50's would have coped with a Lady Gaga.

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