Saturday, 19 February 2011

Make me a sandwich (shop)

I took somes photos of my sketchbook for a project I did before Christmas, it's not perfect (but who is?).
Our brief was to design a Sandwich Shop....mmm...
I don't own fancy promarker pens, so I stick to good old fashioned watercolour.

Just experimenting with a rough concept. Could it be in the style of bar? Sauces like ketchup served in bottles upside down..

An interactive food counter, each section providing another stage in completing your sandwich.
Takeaway Area plastered with images of people doing daring things, as the shop wants to encourge people to experiment and takes risks when creating their unique sandwich. Standard Cheese sandwich? UH no thanks! Yes, these people are going to be living on the edge.
Photoshop version of the takeway area above.
(This man is reading my blog about me saying that this man is reading my blog about me saying that this man is...ah.)

I decided to call my Sandwich Shop 'DARE' :) 
Side effects of this blog may include sandwich cravings.