Monday, 14 March 2011

Son of Babylon.

“Every Iraqi has ten stories for ten films” 

                                                                                                                            - Mohamed Al-Daradjii

 The other day, I was invited to a group viewing in London for the Iraqi Drama film, Son of Babylon, directed by Mohamed Al-Daradji.
I don't like to give away too much about a film, but it follows the journey of a young boy and his grandmother searching for her missing son in Iraq, who never returned after the war.
It's just beautifully filmed and you feel exhausted watching them travel from city to city, it's like you're right there behind them, part of their journey, and getting a real sense of what has become of Iraq today.
I felt like I was watching a documentary because they act so naturally, it's effortless, and I guess that's what makes it so heartbreaking to watch.
Some of the footage is actually real, with women screaming and crying with grief, mourning over what can only be described as bags of remains within the horrorific mass graves.
It's truly an emotional film, I could hear the women sitting behind me crying, because anyone from Iraq in the room (which was the majority of people) could relate to the loss and suffering these characters were feeling.

“When the camera is rolling on the streets of Baghdad it means this country exists.” 
                                  - Mohamed Al-Daradji

 If you're curious about the situation in Iraq, then this film will really open your eyes.

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