Thursday, 28 April 2011

Postcards from the past...

I know most things in vintage shops once belonged to people from the past, but I guess it's still weird when you find a box of old photos and postcards. Each photo is a single moment in someone's life and now it's in a little scruffy box for me to have a look through. Imagine someone buying a photo of you one day? Weird I know, but at the same time I find it really interesting, I feel like I'm reading someone's diary cos it's so personal.
What did they do after that photo was taken? 
Who are they? Who took the photo? What was their life like?
 And why the hell are these photos now being sold in this shop?!
I guess every photo tells a story.
This postcard is so cute, I just love the part that says,
"also hope you are a good boy at school". 
I literally could have spent the whole day in this shop reading other people's postcards. Some of them dated back to the early 20's. That's crazy. 
I know it's old fashioned, but lets face it, getting a postcard is SO much better than reading a facebook status about someone's holiday.


  1. awesome post tala! that's such a weird thought that someone someday might one day be buying a photo that you've taken or you're in! especially if it's a 'you just caught me' one... loool xxx

  2. of course it's better to receive a postcard. luckily me and my friends all still write a lot of them.
    i know what you mean about the fascination of these photos and postcards. i was on holiday once, about 10 car-hours away from my home and on this huge flea market i found a photo album from a shop that existed about 100 years ago in my hometown. weird and fascinating!