Monday, 30 May 2011


OK, so I read this story which I know is old (because it happened in 2007) but whatever, it's new to me. 
So there's this guy, Patrick Moberg, who gets on a crowded train and sees this pretty woman and I'm guessing he's like WHOA I've seen the girl of my dreams, but of course life is not a movie and she has places to go and gets off the train. 

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (I know, it's simply tragic), but instead of being like "ah well on to the next one" he thinks......oh shit I've just remembered I'm a web designer (he really is) and creates the website: to spread to message to everyone that he needs to find this girl.
Look, he even made a little drawing (bless him and his felt tips)
He SOMEHOW manages to pull it off, and gets loads of emails and phonecalls from loads of people (mainly desperate women thinking why the hell not). But eventually someone recognizes her (a coworker) and sends in a photo to confirm her identity.
 Taa daaaaaaaa!

Ah the power of the internet and creative people (and some felt tip pens).

The End.

Sunday, 29 May 2011


For my flatmate's birthday, we were saying how we wanted to fill the whole corridor with balloons because.....well there's no reason I just thought it would look quite good.
 Balloons never go out of fashion, they're were invented in 1824 and they're still floating around.
Now that's impressive.
My friend mentioned how it all reminded her of the photographer Tim Walker (link) and how he uses balloons in alot of his photos.
So here are a couple that I thought were pretty beautiful to look at:
(via flikr)
I realise the last one doesn't have anything to do with balloons but I liked it.
Maybe the next time you dance with someone, you'll realise you're just dancing with a skeleton too ;)

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Biscuit Boredom.

Yeh, I've just got into this habit of making biscuits when I'm really bored.
But..when it comes to even making the biscuits, I get to the point where it's just easier to make one big one. 
What? To me, it just makes sense...and saves time.
and so it begins..
If it's the size of your face, I think you're doing well.
It also reminds me of this site, Pimp That Snack (link) which takes your average snack and enlarges it like a million times (ok maybe not a million because that's just ridiculous).
It's a really good way of making your friends think they're high on something when you turn up with a massive oreo and ask them if they'd like one with their tea.

Thursday, 26 May 2011


 Even when I was younger I swear I could always see that cars sort of had faces...
Well, an artist called Vladimir Nikolic is CLEARLY on the same wavelength as me because he's created a series of photographs with old cars and basically taken photos of himself to show what 'faces' and expressions he thinks these cars have. Genius.
I'm so glad that someone has finally found a way to explain how cars have faces, so I don't have to.
Cheers Vladimir!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A trip to the beach.

Last week, a day at the beach is was I needed.
After working towards a deadline and basically living in the library, I definitely needed some fresh air, and what better way is there than to spend it by the sea with your sister?
It was so empty, we could have just sat there all day pretending we were the only ones on earth for a day.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I will, thank you.

Just thought this was quite cute when I saw it.
How.....nice :)

Monday, 23 May 2011

Movie Marathon

In Newcastle there's this really old cinema called Tyneside Cinema. It first opened in 1937 so that people could watch the news because in those days people only really listened to the radio for the news (and that's if you could even afford a radio). I think it was even known as Newcastle News Theatre. 
ANYWAY, I'll stop boring you with the facts, I just think it's pretty cool that the cinema is still here trying to keep it's tradition, it still even shows news reels from the past everyday at 11am for free.
 So to celebrate their 75th anniversary, they ended up showing 75 hours worth of films all for 75p per film.
If a guy wanted to take out a girl for a cheap date, this would definitely be the time to do it.
All the well known ones that I wanted to see like The Shining, Old Boy, City of God, The Godfather, Amelie all SOLD OUT:(
But I ended up watching some strange foreign ones like The Spirit of the Beehive and The Piano.
this guy needs to make a come back

I still enjoyed the experience- I love the old fashioned red chairs & red velvet curtains and I swear every now and then you could feel the trains pass underground.
I wish cinemas were all still like that.

For more info about Tyneside Cinema click the link.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Birthday Brunch.

My friend decided to host an amazing brunch for her birthday.
Strawberries, croissants, bagels, cake, muffins panacakes and even marshmallows.
It seriously has to be the best breakfast I've had this year.
It definitely beats burnt toast any day.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Little Red Man

Finally free for the summer! 
I saw this when I was walking into town.
I love when I see stuff like this because it means someone must have actually thought 
"hmm...I must remember to cut out a little face for that red man"

Monday, 9 May 2011

Potter Party

My flatmates had a Harry Potter themed night out while I was away for the weekend :( 
But I liked the way they decorated the flat, so here's a photo:
I thought it was quite clever.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Come In, We're Closed

Not gonna lie, I've been really rubbish at keeping up to date with this blog, but once I'm done with my work I'll get back on it. 
 BUT, I'm not completely useless...I did come across these cool neon signs created by an artist from LA called:
"Come In, We're Closed"
I love the sign that says
"I don't like to dream about getting paid"
I'm not sure what it means, but the way I interpret it is when you come across the kind of people who go on about their ultimate dream for making loads of money and basically being stupidly rich when they're older, but then you think...has anyone really ever actually had a dream about pay day?
I just find it quite clever, but I could be completely wrong :)
 Also, the last sign is kinda creepy, but that's the sort of thing I think about, but I'd never say it outloud because people think I'm weird enough...