Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Come In, We're Closed

Not gonna lie, I've been really rubbish at keeping up to date with this blog, but once I'm done with my work I'll get back on it. 
 BUT, I'm not completely useless...I did come across these cool neon signs created by an artist from LA called:
"Come In, We're Closed"
I love the sign that says
"I don't like to dream about getting paid"
I'm not sure what it means, but the way I interpret it is when you come across the kind of people who go on about their ultimate dream for making loads of money and basically being stupidly rich when they're older, but then you think...has anyone really ever actually had a dream about pay day?
I just find it quite clever, but I could be completely wrong :)
 Also, the last sign is kinda creepy, but that's the sort of thing I think about, but I'd never say it outloud because people think I'm weird enough...

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