Monday, 30 May 2011


OK, so I read this story which I know is old (because it happened in 2007) but whatever, it's new to me. 
So there's this guy, Patrick Moberg, who gets on a crowded train and sees this pretty woman and I'm guessing he's like WHOA I've seen the girl of my dreams, but of course life is not a movie and she has places to go and gets off the train. 

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (I know, it's simply tragic), but instead of being like "ah well on to the next one" he thinks......oh shit I've just remembered I'm a web designer (he really is) and creates the website: to spread to message to everyone that he needs to find this girl.
Look, he even made a little drawing (bless him and his felt tips)
He SOMEHOW manages to pull it off, and gets loads of emails and phonecalls from loads of people (mainly desperate women thinking why the hell not). But eventually someone recognizes her (a coworker) and sends in a photo to confirm her identity.
 Taa daaaaaaaa!

Ah the power of the internet and creative people (and some felt tip pens).

The End.

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