Monday, 23 May 2011

Movie Marathon

In Newcastle there's this really old cinema called Tyneside Cinema. It first opened in 1937 so that people could watch the news because in those days people only really listened to the radio for the news (and that's if you could even afford a radio). I think it was even known as Newcastle News Theatre. 
ANYWAY, I'll stop boring you with the facts, I just think it's pretty cool that the cinema is still here trying to keep it's tradition, it still even shows news reels from the past everyday at 11am for free.
 So to celebrate their 75th anniversary, they ended up showing 75 hours worth of films all for 75p per film.
If a guy wanted to take out a girl for a cheap date, this would definitely be the time to do it.
All the well known ones that I wanted to see like The Shining, Old Boy, City of God, The Godfather, Amelie all SOLD OUT:(
But I ended up watching some strange foreign ones like The Spirit of the Beehive and The Piano.
this guy needs to make a come back

I still enjoyed the experience- I love the old fashioned red chairs & red velvet curtains and I swear every now and then you could feel the trains pass underground.
I wish cinemas were all still like that.

For more info about Tyneside Cinema click the link.

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