Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cards, cakes and candles.

It was my cousin's birthday yesterday and of course this was a classic case of trying to get as many of your relatives under one roof to celebrate. I'm not complaining, I love it really. It's hectic, loud and you know there's gonna be one hell of a feast, but if you don't take a second helping of food, they WILL notice. Within 5 minutes of finishing what was forcefully piled on your plate, you'll expect to hear the question from your aunt "why aren't you eating anything?" and if you dare answer with "I just did! But I'm full now thank you", you're sure to get the response "what is this?! are you on a diet now?" and they will genuinely seem quite concerned for you.
Yep, you can't win with arab families. The way I see it is, if you don't get yourself a second plate of food you're on a diet, but then if you do help yourself to food over various occassions, you'll probably gain weight, to which you should expect remarks from aunts/uncles telling you (with annoying fake cheerfulness) "ah you look like you've put on a bit of weight" followed with laughter. Yay. Grin and bare it and then choose to feel shit about it later is my advice. Why? can't let all their good food go to waste...
My cousin is obsessed with NFL, so I made his birthday card in the style of the logo.

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  1. so cute ! :)