Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Escape to the countryside.

Last week, a friend from a uni allowed me to escape for a couple of days to Carlisle for a change of scenery. And it definitely was a change of scenery because as soon as the train started moving, I swear all I could see was fields, cows, green, green and more green. It must have been the most picturesque train journey I've ever had so, naturally, I had to get some photos :)
View from my window
I'm a geek so I thought this style of kitchen reminded me of the Weasley's kitchen in Harry Potter.
This beats student food any day
Damn you 2 second self timer, give me a chance.
I got so excited when I found this wardrobe doubled up as a ensuite bathroom. It's like a secret room.
The pretty guest room I stayed in
All packed and ready to go back to the life of a poor student...

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