Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Snap Happy.

I like to take a lot of photos.
I think I have this fear that I'll forget particular days and once you forget, it will be like it never happened. Kinda scary and very annoying. Imagine spending the day with your friends at the beach, it's like the perfect day, and THEN thinking some of them won't even remember it when you ask them about it in, lets say, 20 years time.
It's quite sad to be honest.
. If someone told you that you'd forget today even happened in a few months time, would it bother you?
So yeh, I take lots of photos, because I know I'll want look back on them one day.
I found these vintage photos on shorpy.com and I'm a bit of a loser because I spent ages looking through them. I don't know why I find old photos so facinating, I guess it's the only proof we have of what went on in the world before we even existed and made our own memories. 
"February 23, 1924. A winter frolic along the frozen banks of the Potomac in Washington."
Pie Eating Contest. July 31, 1921. Washington, D.C.
When girls ate real food guilt free and weren't obsessed by the latest celeb diet.
A Day at the Beach, 1916.
Someone kept a photo of their great grandfather spending the day at the beach with his friends.
I love discovering old photos of my parents, or grandfathers I never got to meet. It just reminds you that they were once young and pretty much the same as you - hanging out with a group of friends somewhere.
Like this photo of me with some friends from uni :
 (Credit to Hattie for taking the photo, click on her name to see more of her photos, they're so nice)
Thanks for reading.

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