Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Home for the summer.

The view through my drink. Yeh look at me being all arty with my camera.
Catch up tv after a night out.
 Some 3rd year work being set up for exhibition in the design building at uni. Those sequins must have actually taken a lifetime to sew on, wow. I'd love to wear the furry trousers on the right, and be half polar bear for the day.
Newcastle Central Station. Arriving ridiculously early for my train because I'm paranoid about  being late (45 minutes early...). A girl sat on the next bench was crying and because I was sat on my own too, I think it looked like I knew her and that we'd had some sort of an argument, hence sitting on different benches. This couple just stared at her, and then looked over at me. I swear I didn't make her cry!
Heavy heavy luggage for the journey home. Comfortable shoes were essential.
I'm pretty sure by the time I got home I had a dent in my shoulder  from that bag :(

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