Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cotton Candy.

OH MY....I don't even know what to say...this 'Padded Cell' by Jennifer Rubell leaves me completely craving candy floss and feeling slightly jealous that I wasn't one of these lucky guests.
Erm Jennifer...(I can call you Jen right?) where the hell was my INVITE?!!
Yehhh get stuck in! No need for table manners here.
HEY MISTER! Put that drink down and start eating!
Hello heaven! Nice to eat you.
"It is an object that addresses the dark side of pleasure, the price of pleasure, the possibility that pleasure is its own punishment."

So if anyone happens to come across approximately 1,600 cones of cotton candy 
you know what to do ;) oh and obviously invite me (unlike my mate 'Jen').

For more info on this sweeet installation just click on the link:

 Thanks for reading x