Monday, 25 July 2011

Reporting from the garden.

Helloooooooo, the weather is in a good mood (FINALLY) so I thought I'd blog from the garden today. The song below is something I like the sound of by Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks, so I thought I'd share it with you cos it's all summery & relaxing :) Just think of it as a soundtrack to my post. Wait for the chorus, it's niceeeeee.

ANYWAY, I rememberd that I bagged myself a bargain the other week (pun FULLY intended) because it was a really cute bag and it only cost me £1! I'm so broke atm, so it's nice that I can still pretend to afford things.
It didn't come with a strap so I just clipped one on from another bag I own. 
Thanks for reading x

P.S does anyone know any good songs for the summer? I need to expand my playlist!


  1. I should probably write this comment from my garden! but I'm too much of a slob haha. lush bag, it actually goes nice with the strap x

  2. What a great bargain for a £1, the bag looks great! I really want to be sitting in a garden right about now.. :) xx

  3. oh my gosh so jealous of all that sun! love the bag and how it opens up at the back.