Monday, 29 August 2011

For goodness' bake!

Baking is fun AND surprisingly easy (especially if it comes from a baking kit...shhhh)
Ok, so my mum found one those cake mixes in the cupboard so I thought why the hell not make some cakes
(I live on the edge I know)
Yeh it's kinda technically cheating, but there is still effort required I'll have you know! Opening packets with your HANDS, adding an egg with your HANDS...and erm..mixing with a SPOON..(a spoon I tell you!)
Well I'm exhausted.
Here's the result of my hard work:

They tasted goooooooood :)
Who else likes to bake?
I'm joking, calm down.

Thanks for reading! x


  1. ahh this inspired me to bake cupcakes tomorrow! haven't baked in awhile so this'll be a great as summer slips away.

  2. glad to see you're spending quality time with your oven.

    these look sensational and i don't use that word often!!xxxx

  3. Baking is the only form of cooking that I can be bothered with in reality! Nothing better than a massive batch of brownies like that or a massive chocolate cake. Just packed up my baking stuff for university!

  4. YUUUUM . thanks for torturing us. now i'm craving some chocolate at midnight hehe x

  5. wow they look amazing!!!!


  6. Oh man, these look stupidly delicious. The fact they're in tiny little chunks must make them SO easy to eat - glad they're not near me. Thanks for the cravings though! ;) x