Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Apparently I serve housewives all over the world.

I swear every time I go down to Brighton, I find something different I love about it. It never gets old. 
Speaking of old though..these photos are from Easter time, the same time I found the box of Postcards from the Past (click the link to view the post) in a shop. Anyway, I completely forgot to post about this little tin box Hannah found for me in the same shop. IT HAS MY NAME ON IT!! So I'm just gonna pretend it was made for me, rather than the fact it's a company brand for kitchen appliances....shhhhh no one needs to know ok...
Bit rusty isn't it? In a way I kinda like it like that, even if that is a bit skanky
Apparently 'skanky' isn't a real word  because it's got a red squiggly line underneath it and my laptop is trying to correct me with the word 'swanky'...erm thank you? but no.
Saying that, I'm surprised the word 'squiggly' was accepted with open arms.
Check out these old 50's ads! I'm practically selling myself on this blog aren't I? whoops.
See, I'm the type to make fun of sexist 50's ads and now my name is on bloody kitchen appliances! There's really no escaping my inevitable future of being the perfect housewife is there? Is this a sign?
HA!! No no no, it's the kitchenware that lives in the kitchen, NOT me ;)

Thanks for reading x


  1. 'HA!! No no no, it's the kitchenware that lives in the kitchen, NOT me ;)'

    ...well, you know my thoughts on this.

  2. I love the vintage/retro box and book! What a great find! I love the "skanky" incident (mine just got underlined too!) haha