Monday, 1 August 2011

Pack your bags up and leave.

Last week I went back up to Newcastle to pack my room up and move it over to the new house! I also offered to help pack my sisters room too because she's busy doing work experience (unlike me, who has decided to be a lazy fool this summer).
NEWSFLASH: packing and cleaning is really not that fun...I know, it's crazy, I'm a girl, we should love this kind of stuff.... ;)
 Goodbye room!
Mature. I swear this sign hadn't even been up for a whole day and it already got violated lol.
2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 Kitchen packed up and cleaned ...
So I ended up hiring my own VIP coach because it had been a long week, and you know what? I thought I deserved it. 
Nah that's a lie...I actually arrived late, and with the 1st coach being full, I got put on a 2nd, much emptier, coach. Bit awkward though when our coach parked up side by side and all the people squashed on their coach could see our beautiful empty coach and there was me comfortably leaning right back on my chair loving life hahaaaaa.

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