Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ready Steady Cook

Man I used to love that show, good ol' Ainsley Harriet shaking and dancing when he added spices to the pan, what is that man doing these days? Ok going off the point now (but seriously let me now if you find out). Also, this is really sad but I'm currently in my uni's library because I have no internet, so while I'm supposed to be doing this 'summer' project  (yes a project I should have done months ago and now doing in the last 4 days but hey details details) I've decided to update this blog.
Here's my attempt at cooking - actually no f*ck it, here IS my cooking and it WILL get better and more extravagant than enchiladas before the year is out! How empowering.
"Cooking is like love - difficult but worth it"

Ok I'm not gonna lie I totally just made that quote up. You really can make any bullshit look geniune when you put it in italics...

Thanks for reading! x

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  1. it's soo true! if you want your food to be amazing, you must definitely spend time making it awesome, and that's love right there x