Sunday, 8 January 2012

DIY: paper bunting

2 Decades and 1 Year. Shit, I'm 21 already.
So me and the twin (and no that's not some cute name I've used to describe my BESTFRIEND4LIFE) decided to throw a small cocktail party with a group of our closest friends.
First things first though - decorations.
We couldn't be bothered to go out and buy some fancy expensive buntings (because really, whats the point? They're pieces of triangle shaped material! Not gold jeeeeeez) so we just made our own out of paper and cut paper doilies in half for the extra va va voooooooom.
Not too bad huh?

P.S i've got some photos of how we transformed our conservatory into an obsessively overloaded pink/pastel tea party room, but I'll save it for the next post :)

Thanks for reading x


  1. They're so pretty! Happy birthday!

  2. Great idea for bunting, it's lovely :) x