Wednesday, 25 January 2012

You talk, I draw.

You know when you're somewhere like uni or on a train, and there's always a group of people near you who talk reallyREALLY loudly and you can't help but hear their conversations? Yeh well, I thought I'd draw snippets of their conversations. They're quotes that literally don't make sense on their own, but it makes you wonder how the hell they got to talking about it in the first place. 

Also, because I can hear them but can't necessarily see them, I've just drawn what I think they'd look like according to the sound of their voice and topic of chat.
Overheard in the Design School, Floor 4
Newcastle, 24th January 2012
Overheard in the Design School, floor 4
Newcastle, 24th January 2012

Maybe I'll make this an ongoing collection :)

Thanks for reading x


  1. I absolutely adore the concept of this! You should definitely do some more!!

  2. I LOVE this. So cool.

    Definitely do more please!