Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bargain Boots.

Bought these a while back and at £8 I convinced myself I needed them. 
How did I convince myself you ask? I looked down and remembered I had feet. Sold.
Sadly, I think the weather likes to mock me, because as soon as I bought these 'winter' boots, it only got bloody warmer...ah well..looks like you're going back under my bed and I won't be seeing you for a while 
(I'm talking about the shoes..not you, stop panicking).
On a shoe related note, I did see a girl walking to uni (or maybe a bad shoe convention?) in a pair of pink glittery sandals and I just thought yeh I know it's a little bit sunny, but that's what makes it daylight, not fucking Spain...
Bit aggressive? yeh as I was saying, £8!
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Thanks for reading & watching my little shoe dance...

1 comment:

  1. well, if the shoe fits! these are very nice tala babes, i wish i could have a pair of these... ah well, time's a 'heeler'. oh, btw- are you the 'sole' owner of these?