Monday, 26 March 2012

Sporty Sunday

As soon my housemate told me we should do the 6 mile run for Sport Relief, the HARDCORE training began.

OK so I lied....I found out Friday night, the run was on Sunday and by 'hardcore training' I mean a jog in the park...
I've never ever done one of these charity runs before because I've never been the sporty type, even back at school I think I dreaded P.E if it had anything to do with running around that horrible white track. It just meant humiliating yourself in front of others and turning up to your next class with a face the colour of a tomato. Attractive. 
BUT enough of the sad stories (put your violins away please), because I decided ages ago that I needed to be healthier, lose a bit of weight and generally feel a bit more confident about myself blah de blaaaaah so I joined the gym and ate less crap and it seems to have paid off (que the inspirational Take That music)
 SO......bringing us back to Sunday, I managed to do the run in just over an hour and a few minutes and didn't stop once so I'm thrilled, considering I used to only be able to run for about 2 minutes (that's not even a whole song on an ipod) and want to die.

I doubt you read any of that so here's a couple of photos from Sunday :)
My view as we started the run. Such a nice route along the Quayside with the bridges and the Sage. 
My cheeky little medal.
And I thought I'd end this post on possibly the sweetest thing ever. I saw this old couple casually walking in the race, without a care in the world, as everyone sped past them. Even though he's got a walking frame, he still managed to do his part and I love that :)

Thanks for reading x

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