Friday, 27 April 2012

Stressed is desserts spelt backwards.

I've been slacking with blogging recently haven't I?
Well I basically had this project deadline to help re-design and re-brand this museum, and after successfully demolishing my sleeping pattern, raising anxiety levels I never knew I had and heavily relying on make-up to ensure 'zombie' wasn't the look I was going for, I WAS DONE. Relief? Far from it. I managed to fuck it all up when it came down to actually handing in the work, and with your tutors counting down from 10 seconds as if on some warped supermarket sweep (minus Dale Winton and the big inflatable banana), I can't say it helps. 
ON A BRIGHTER NOTE. Let's rewind a week shall we? When I had to get the train home from King's Cross to Newcastle with my sister, my dad decided to surprise us at the station to give us a proper send off. He's a sweet man my dad, and to think we were almost annoyed he'd so typically made us arrive 50 minutes early at the station!
I think I'll let him off just this once ;)
So we sat down outside Giraffe Cafe in the station, admired the new architecture (which is incredible btw), had ourselves a hot chocolate, brownie and carrot cupcake and then we were off...
Admiring King's Cross architecture with a carrot cupcake, there shouldn't be any other way to do so.

Thanks for reading x

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