Monday, 20 January 2014

The future?

This is Cycling Utopia by Norman Foster.
A safer way to travel for cyclists?
photo via dezeen

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stop what you're doing and DANCE.

Bad day?
Here's a photo of the world's smallest man dancing with his pet cat.
You are welcome!
photo via reddit

Sunday, 12 January 2014

'Imagine Finding Me' by Chino Otsuka

So this might seem like a cool set of photos, but what's so special about them?
Look closely. Chino Otsuka decided to cleverly paste herself in old photos with her younger self.
The results are beautiful, you would think they were sisters.
These photos remind me of those days you revisit places you can only vaguely remember from your childhood.  For me, I can stand somewhere and it's like I can almost picture that day from years ago as if it's projected right in front of me like an old movie.

1982 & 2005 (France)
1976 & 2005 (Japan)
1975 & 2009 (France)
Photos via viralnova

In the last photo I can just imagine both Chinos turning to smile at each other - sharing a moment.

How would you look like standing next to your younger self?

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Saturday, 11 January 2014


When you go away somewhere or go travelling, food plays a massive part. You want to make the most of it, try all the bizarre stuff, because where's the fun in being sensible and tucking into a salad every night? No thanks! 
Especially in Japan, food didn't only look interesting, it looked cute! Sometimes I found myself feeling bad as I destroyed little animal faces...I'm such a monster.

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Hello 2014.

When a year comes to an end, we all feel the need to express how 'challenging' or 'unforgettable' the past year has been, and to be honest I don't deny that I don't at least reflect back on 2013. 
Who doesn't?

Even though I can happily look back and say it's been a successful year including my graduation, doing half a marathon and a trip to Japan I will never forget, I can't help but always feel panic about what I should achieve by the time 2014 is over. I guess it doesn't help when your birthday is just 4 days after New Years and then you really do feel ANOTHER year older. 

But don't worry, I don't write on this blog to moan, I see that enough on Facebook. In fact, I like to think it's for the opposite - focusing on the good stuff, the stuff that inspires me!

This is a baby panda waving hello to 2014