Sunday, 12 January 2014

'Imagine Finding Me' by Chino Otsuka

So this might seem like a cool set of photos, but what's so special about them?
Look closely. Chino Otsuka decided to cleverly paste herself in old photos with her younger self.
The results are beautiful, you would think they were sisters.
These photos remind me of those days you revisit places you can only vaguely remember from your childhood.  For me, I can stand somewhere and it's like I can almost picture that day from years ago as if it's projected right in front of me like an old movie.

1982 & 2005 (France)
1976 & 2005 (Japan)
1975 & 2009 (France)
Photos via viralnova

In the last photo I can just imagine both Chinos turning to smile at each other - sharing a moment.

How would you look like standing next to your younger self?

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