Saturday, 26 April 2014

House Of Mask Launch Party

So, as mentioned in the previous post, I spent a few days making many MANY masks, but it paid off because it meant I could attend the event.

 It all started off by walking through a foggy corridor, lined with filing cabinets and greeted by rather strange men dressed in white asking us to make a confession to gain entry.
On these filing cabinets were cheque books in which we had to write down our confessions.
There I was thinking I would just have to dump it into some sort of box, but no..nope I was wrong.
You see, I didn't realise that one by one we would have to enter through the glass door and meet these..erm charming? ladies. Greeting me in sync in grumpy monotonous tone, I handed over my confession, only for it to be abruptly snatched out of my hands. Embarrassingly, the blonde on the right quickly read it and snidely showed it to her partner. With raised eyebrows and feeling uncomfortably judged, they looked up disapprovingly and allowed me entry. Phew.
After opening a cabinet door that led me through a corridor that seemed to get smaller and smaller, I reached a small door. As I crouched through to enter, I was instantly handed a free beer. Nice.
Collecting our key.
People had the chance decorate their masks.
Live graffiti.
Overall a very interesting and fun night.

Thanks for reading x

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