Friday, 15 August 2014

Make My Magnum!

So just over 2 months ago I joined PropStudios/FormRoom as a design intern. Time has literally flown by and I couldn't have asked to work with a nicer bunch of people. 

As they're a Retail design & Window Displays company they work on a large range of projects with some big brands - from pop-up shops, events to even props for the boss's wedding! (Why not eh?)
I've already been exposed to the crazy amount of projects they take on and one of their recent biggies was MAGNUM at Selfridges. Honestly, the amount of work that has gone into this is incredible, people have no idea about the planning / precision / packaging / making / the overnight installation involved.

(I mean don't get me wrong, I literally played no part in any of this apart from helping wrap things up and eat pizza)

So obviously I had to drag my sister to Selfridges.
(she loved it really, no dragging involved)


Friday, 8 August 2014

I'm bringin' bloggin' back

OK, it's back by popular demand (and when I say demand, I'm referring to myself..jeez I'm so demanding). 

I'm not sure why I keep stopping and starting with this blog because when I update it, I enjoy it. I suppose it's like going to the gym, sometimes (/all the time) you can't be bothered, but when you go you're like "DAMN I feel good, why don't I do this more often?!"....and then before you know it 2 months have passed and you find yourself munching on a packet of crisps only to find it labelled with "GREAT FOR SHARING". Wonderful.

So yes, after that completely unnecessary analogy, I am BACK. If Justin Timberlake can come back and successfully whack out a new album, returning to blogging is most definitely the same thing. 
I got your back J.